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Prefabricated wall niches are available in a range of sizes and made to order. Simple to install by trade or handyman the niches give a fashionable look to a plain wall. Install in a new or existing wall.


For 450mm Stud Centres Frame

Outside measurements

width        x height

400mm x 200mm

400mm x 400mm

400mm x 550mm

400mm x 800mm










For 600mm Stud Centres Frame

Outside measurements

width        x height

550mm x 200mm

550mm x 400mm

550mm x 550mm

550mm x 800mm










Manufactured from plasterboard the wall niches have the same finish as standard plasterboard walls.

The standard depth is made for 70mm timber framework lined with 10mm plasterboard. Internal depth would be approx. 70mm.  Other sizes available to order.











The perimeter of the niche has a raised finished edge that gives a picture frame effect and does not require full setting.









Square Set

The perimeter of the niche has a bead that will require setting with plaster to give a flush square set look.

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Text Box: Notes and Tips
Term: Stud centres. 
Is the distance from the centre of one vertical timber stud in the wall to the centre of the next vertical timber stud in the wall.
Question: Why Outside measurements?
We use these measurements because when fitting a niche you must work on the space available in the wall. eg: The 400mm wide niches fit in between 450mm stud centres so the hole would need to be 400mm wide. Or, if your wall is a standard 70mm timber frame and it is lined with 10mm plasterboard you have upto 80mm available in depth. 
Question: Will I have to frame the opening?
No, the niches can be self supporting.  If more weight is to be placed on the niches then they can be fixed to the vertical studs or a frame around the opening inside the wall can be installed. © 2007 © 2007

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